Drinking Water Plant

PH has set up numerous plants all over India for cleaning the water or to make the raw water free from the hazardous contaminants. Basically the raw water which is to be cleaned for drinking purpose should be from the reliable source. Because the water produced through the sewage or industrial plants can’t be used for the drinking purpose. Usually river water or the ground water is considered for drinking purpose and in some areas located nearby sea, sea water is also considered for drinking.
Every resource has different way to clean the water. Such as ground water which is mostly used for drinking purpose is filled with underlying oils, dust and pesticides which is pumped through the boring machines and transferred through the pipes. The direct water coming from the boring is not suitable for drinking purpose. So this kind of water is filled in large tanks and stilled for hours so that the heavy solids kept lying at the bottom surface whereas light solvents coated on the upper surface. The middle surface is transferred for further cleaning which can be cleaned through the RO system which works on the membrane system. For large quantity of water, huge plants are installed.

In case of surface water or river water, process is somehow different and complex. Reason being, the river water contains the high amount of minerals which cannot be consumed directly. So it is highly recommended to demonize the minerals which can be done through demineralization plants. In these kinds of plants, ions are exchanged with the negative and positive reactions. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphates etc are removed or reduced to some extent. Sometimes, chloronization is also performed to make the water tasty. Though mineral water is healthy but excess minerals can prove indigestive so mineralization needs to be done. Once the water is cleared through the chemicals or ions, water can be supplied in form of bottles of packaged glasses which are highly used for industrial purposes.

Apart from the ground water and surface water, sea water is rarely used for drinking purpose because of presence of high amount of salt in the water which makes the water extremely vulnerable. Sea water is to be cleaned by removing the salt and excess contaminants. Drinking water can be produced through the following methods depending on the nature of water:-

    • Disinfection such as Solar water disinfection, ultra violet disinfection, chlorine or chlorine dioxide disinfection, ozone disinfection etc
    • Reverse osmosis
    • Reverse osmosis


  • Reverse osmosis pH adjustment
  • Reverse osmosis Demineralization
  • Reverse osmosisCoagulation and flocculation
  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Distillation


Drinking water is one of the important necessity without which life cannot be assumed so we take care of the better services in this direction.