Ultra Filtration Plant

Out of the numerous techniques used to clean water at a huge level, ultrafiltration is widely adapted the technique to separate the suspended solids from the wastewater. Being the leading manufacturer and supplier of ultrafiltration plant, PH offers tailor made solutions to detect or eliminate the solids, colloids, microorganisms from the surface or ground water to keep the water bacteria free.

Ultrafiltration plant is designed on the basis of 4 membranes or modules which are:

1. Spiral wound module which less expensive yet more sensitive to pollution and consisting consecutive layers of large membrane

2. Plate and frame module: combination of plates and membranes to improve the bad quality of water

3. Tabular membrane : it is not compact and very costly as compare to others fluids discharge activities.

4. Hollow fibre membrane: containing small tubes or fibers to carry out “inside-out” and “outside-in” filtration process.

PH offer advanced technology to remove micro bacterial counts. These plants are reusable and cleanable with the help of the chemical. In fact, ultrafiltration is a kind of membrane filtration which works through pressurised water flow. In this process, feed water is pumped to the modules with high pressure, depending upon the pore size of membranes contaminants are rejected. If water is filtered, the water is stored otherwise, Gaian treated as feed water. Ultrafiltration in divided into two operational techniques:

  • Dead-End : In this process, whole water is pressed through membrane modules.
  • Crossflow: water is gone parallel to the membrane face, one part is passed through the membrane and another part is recirculated to create turbulences over the membrane.

It is completely different to the traditional method of filtration. The well-known features of ultrafiltration process are:
1. It can be used for pre-treatment and post-treatment process both.
2. An effective method to separate SDI, Suspended solids, colloids, virus, bacteria, microorganisms, particulate material, natural
3. Organic materials from the water.
4. Easy to start up and use
5. Economical and effective method
6. Less maintenance
7. Fully tested equipment
8. Automatic forwards flush and back flush


  • Packaged drinking water
  • Surface water filtration
  • RO pretreatment
  • Wastewater recycle
  • Cleaning of colloidal material
  • Drinking water to hotels, restaurants, hospital and other residential areas
  • Effluent recycle
  • Dialysis machine
  • Oil removal or oil refining process
  • Wastewater recycle
  • Surface water filtration
  • Municipal water
  • Petrochemical waste water treatment
  • Latex paint wastewater treatment
  • RO feed water