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Physical Water Softener

Harmoniser is a physical water treatment device. It can soften water naturally by mimicking the flow of water as in a river. It aids in the precipitation of Calcium carbonate in the form of Argonite and not calcite. Precipitation happens within the water and not on any surface. It works on the principle of Turbulence. It does not form a scale and also debonds any existing scaling. Hence a Natural Water Softener. As it is not a chemical based water softener there is no change in the Hardness or TDS of water and also no water is wasted. It is ecofriendly and “GREEN” water softener. A proven technology being used since over 6 years. Now with the incorporation of ORSI Technology it also releases sterile ions in the water thereby increasing the shelf life of water along with eliminating all water borne infections. Apart from Antiscaling it has a very wide application like Healthcare, Agriculture, Lakes, Animal Husbandry, Industries, etc,