Water Softener Plants

PH has taken step for processing the hard water and makes it usable. Hard water consists of excess quantity of calcium and magnesium which is highly dissolved in water but not suitable for drinking purpose. In fact, hard water may create many problems:-

  • Decrease the water flow rate
  • Increased electricity cost while heating or boiling.
  • Washing is not performed in better way
  •  Leave white stain on the glass surface
  • Highly indigestive
  • Not suitable for skin

Due to the above problems, it is required to soften the water and so the softening water plants are established which play big role in cleaning this. Softening of water is processed through the ion exchange and precipitation methods. This process rely on removing mainly two minerals i.e., calcium and magnesium with the flow of sodium. In this process, two separate tanks are associated with a pipe. These two separate tanks denote the brine tank and mineral tank. Mineral tanks consist of raw water containing minerals where as brine consists of the sodium chloride and both tanks are connected with a tube or pipe. As the process started, surface of vessels contains the calcium and magnesium which is flushed through the flow of sodium (salt) which is perfect and powerful solution for the minerals.