Water Plant1

Water Treatment Plant

For more precious than gold or silver, a little more crucial than petrol and as vital as oxygen, yes, were talking about water.

Effluent Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

Our company is a prominent manufacturer of Effluent Treatment Plants that are made from high quality raw materials.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis System

PH is offering you a complete choice of products which include Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Pure water for industrial purpose.

Sewage Plant

Sewage Water Treatment

We offer both customized and standardized sewage treatment plants for municipal corporations, housing societies.


Water Softener Plants

PH has taken step for processing the hard water and makes it usable. Hard water consists of excess quantity of calcium and magnesium

Sewage Plant

Ultra Filtration Plant

We offer a wide range of Pressure Filters that we extensively used to remove suspended particle, Iron, color and odor from Water and Waste Water.


Rain Water Harvesting

The term is used to restore the rain water for future use with effective management and conservation. The stored rainwater can be used for human,


Swimming Pool Filtration Plant

Out of the numerous techniques used to clean water at a huge level, ultrafiltration is widely adapted the technique


Bio Gas Plant

Bio gas plants for wet bio garbage waste. This ensures efficient and trouble free disposal of solid waste (Bio waste) as well as sludge from treatment plants.


Drinking Water Plant

PH has set up numerous plants all over India for cleaning the water or to make the raw water free from the hazardous contaminants.


Soda Soft Drink Plant

Soft drinks are most popular not only in India but outside India as well. It is a fashion for people in summers. Many kinds of flavors

Water Softener1

Physical Water Softener

Harmoniser is a physical water treatment device. It can soften water naturally by mimicking the flow of water as in a river.